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Went to The Sax Shack Big Band’s first gig today. They were absolutely amazing, loved every minute.

Looking forward to their next gig at Jollees, Stoke on Thursday.

Nicki S. 08/12/19

It is absolutely amazing how much Nigel and the crew have achieved, considering they only started about a year ago.

Their first gig didn't look like any old enthusiastic amateur performance - enthusiastic, yes, but amateur, no: it was tight, disciplined, dynamic, balanced, and whatever else qualifies professional bands.

As a client of the Sax Shack and as a participant in Nigels beginners' sax-group on Saturday afternoons (whose name shall not be spoken) I feel a bit like I'm a family member and this makes me very proud!

Thank you Nigel Ashworth and Rob Paramore!

Maria S. 08/12/19